"Jeanjean in Languedoc,
                       Wines that shine since 1870"


The origins:
         A history of wines since over 5 generations


It all started over a century ago thanks to a family's love for vines and wine.The Jeanjean family has been active in St Felix de Lodez as wine producers and traders since 1870.They are at the heart of the Languedoc, the world's biggest vineyard.

 In the early days, Maurice-Vincent the son of "Père la Minute", andVin du Languedoc- Jeanjean Languedoc known as the "barrel maker", bought local wine and delivered it to clients in the Massif Central. He was followed by Maurice-François who starded the wholesale business, then by Paul Jeanjean, the "Big Boss".

Hugues and Bernard, 4th generation, brought complementary skills to the business, Hugues in administration, Bernard on the commercial side. Five generations of the Jeanjean Family have headed the business, but in 2006 handed over overall management of Jeanjean en Languedoc ( the company from which the group evolved) to Sébastien Narjoud.

Jeanjean en Languedoc

Jeanjean Languedoc

/ BP 1 - 34725 Saint Félix de Lodez / Tél : +33 (0)4 67 88 80 00
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